Escalating Gang Activity

Escalating Gang Activity

Organised criminal networks pose a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of communities. Participating in a diverse range of criminal activity, organised crime networks present a complex enigma for law enforcement agencies.

The Issue state

Monitoring the risk of escalating violence following a spate of outlaw motorcycle gang hostility.

The Situation state

Following an outbreak of bikie gang violence in Queensland, in which a gang-owned tattoo studio was torched and their “enforcer” was publicly shot multiple times, there were valid fears that the violence would escalate, putting members of the public at risk.

The Solution state

Fivecast Onyx was immediately tasked to collect and analyse the network directly related to these attacks, to understand more about the potential for violence to escalate and spill into the community.

Using the tailored persona service, we quickly identified the social media presence of those directly involved in the violent incidents and then analysed the reaction of their networks.

This analysis quickly identified a wide range of upcoming events that carried the potential for further conflict, such as a benefit gig for Koolsville Studios and exclusive fight nights, which Onyx detected dangerous members of rival gangs were planning to attend.

This type of information enables law enforcement to identify and prepare for potential conflict.

The Outcome state

In just 10 minutes, Fivecast Onyx had established key events where gang violence could occur, saving analysts and investigators hours (possibly days) manually sifting through thousands of social media posts.

Onyx was used to collect pre-event social media activities and actively monitor the crucial post-event reactions. This ensured that risky content was always identified and stored, even if those posts were deleted after the fact, but gang members attempting to cleanse their online history.

Fivecast Onyx identified threats of violence and other data that was key in law enforcement’s decision to cancel the events such as the Koolsville Benefit Gig – where the risk of gang retaliation was simply too great.

Choose Fivecast state

Cast the net wider

The vast digital footprint created by organised crime networks provides law enforcement authorities with an opportunity to extract crucial insights that are central to investigations.

Advanced automated collection by Fivecast Onyx allows teams to cast the net wider and identify unknown leads, backed by cutting-edge analytics and automated risk detection for a laser focus on activities, events and persons of interest.

Onyx provides ongoing, automated data collection, targeting of known persons of interest, development of new networks and risk monitoring. Onyx is the force-multiplier that lets agencies cover more of their target environment with less staff.

With its unique ability to monitor and interpret a range of multimedia data including image, text and video – the only tool of its kind to do so – Fivecast Onyx provides intelligence for a safer world.

Escalating Gang Activity