Toronto Raptors Victory Parade Shootings

Toronto Raptors Victory Parade Shootings

When large numbers of people gather in a small area, such as victory parades, concerts or sporting events, the risks to public safety increase significantly.

The Issue state

Shootings at the victory parade of NBA team Toronto Raptors.

The Situation state

When 1.5 million people gathered in central Toronto for the victory parade of its NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, four people were injured when an altercation involving a group of men led to a gun being produced and shots being fired.

While the incident was well managed by police, it had the potential to quickly escalate given the sheer numbers of people in the vicinity.

The Solution state

Although the victory parade incident wasn’t terror related and the impacts were relatively minor, it highlighted the enormous risks to public safety that exist when large groups of people come together in a confined space.

More so, it emphasised the importance of being able to identify and monitor extremists who may use large public gatherings to carry-out violent activities and use them as a platform to voice their beliefs.

Fivecast used the incident to demonstrate how Fivecast Onyx can assist police and protective security ahead of an event to identify fixated threats and prevent potential violent action.

We started by collecting baseline data from a broad range of individuals and groups who engaged with the Raptors’ social media presence. We quickly acquired data from more than 121,000 individual accounts.

A crucial feature of Fivecast Onyx is its ability to back-capture information, collecting historical data so an analyst can identify changes in an individual’s behaviour and activity over time and providing crucial intelligence on their escalating capabilities and intent in the lead-up to an event.

Another key feature is the ability to support geo-based social media queries, allowing teams to zero-in on locations of particular strategic significance or tactical interest.

With ongoing social media collection established and active, we then tuned Fivecast Onyx’s inbuilt detector features to the task, consisting of known threats in keywords, phrases, quotes and our extensive library of online terrorist and far-right propaganda material.

The Outcome state

The analysis demonstrated how the features of Fivecast Onyx could be used by law enforcement and private security to rapidly identify threats in the massive amounts of open source data produced in the lead-up to a major event. We pull the needles from the haystack.

Choose Fivecast state

With a growing number of violent and disruptive incidents taking place around the world, the risk to public safety has never been greater.

But in an age of information, traditional methods of security are outdated, costly and inefficient.

Fivecast offers a cost effective solution to monitor, detect and investigate potential safety and security risks, requiring a much smaller investment of human capital.

Toronto Raptors Victory Parade Shootings