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Hear from our CEO about the Key OSINT Trends in 2024 Read Now

The Evolving Role of OSINT

As the digital landscape becomes more accessible and people move more of their lives online, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is emerging as the linchpin for the intelligence community and an essential source for law enforcement, defense intelligence, national security, and corporate organizations worldwide.

Watch Fivecast and a panel of industry experts as we delve into the evolution of Open-Source Intelligence in this on-demand webinar. Our speakers shed light on how OSINT is not merely keeping pace with change but also leading the charge in revolutionizing intelligence.

Industry experts:

Duane Rivett, Co-Founder & VP Strategy & Growth, Fivecast
Maria De Goeij, Research Fellow at the Changing Character of War Centre, Pembroke College, Oxford University
Caroline Barnett, Principal Consultant SAS (Defence, Intelligence & Law Enforcement)

Watch the webinar here: