Showcase SA has partnered with AWS to deliver a full day seminar to demonstrate how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to elevate your business.

Fivecast’s CEO & Co-Founder Talks on Deploying Artificial Intelligence to Enable a Safer World

Dr Brenton Cooper – Co-Founder & CEO at Fivecast will be presenting at 2:35pm on the topic of deploying AI and ML to help enable a safer world.

Public and private organisations alike face huge risks if they fail to use advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to help protect communities, employees, assets and reputations. Learn how deploying AI-enabled risk analytics changes the game for National and Corporate Security initiatives.

The events boasts an impressive lineup of guest speakers including Anton Van Den Hengel (Director of Applied Science at Amazon), Matt Michalewicz (Managing Director at Complexica), Karen Nelson-Field (CEO & Founder at Amplified Intelligence), and many more. For more information and to Purchase tickets visit the Showcase SA website.

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