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Forward-thinking organizations in the Financial Sector understand the power of open-source intelligence to enhance due diligence processes and decrease risk. This is particularly important with the increasing levels of regulatory requirements across the industry.

Online data is both a friend and a foe for financial organizations, representing a huge online hiding place for fraud, money laundering and other nefarious activities as well as being an important source of intelligence for identifying the bad apples and conducting investigations.

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Financial teams can leverage OSINT to counteract money laundering and other financial crimes.

OSINT USE CASES FOR financial intelligence:



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Using Open-source Financial Intelligence

FIVECAST FOR financial intelligence

Fivecast delivers an automated and cost-effective means for financial organizations to leverage insights from masses of open-source data to protect their businesses, meet industry regulatory requirements and achieve a fast ROI.

  • Increase investigation efficiency with rapid, automated discovery of POIs, networks and behaviors.
  • Identify fraudulent patterns quickly with AI-enabled analytics to detect patterns and trends
  • Super-charge limited intelligence resources with automated, ongoing data collection and an intuitive, user-configurable risk detection framework

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