With a mutual understanding of security and law enforcement missions, two global leaders in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) –  Fivecast and Bluestone Analytics – are working together to deliver critical insights into the dark web. The increase in illicit and illegal activities being carried out on the dark web present significant challenges and are driving a need for advanced, AI-enabled insights into masses of dark web data to protect global communities.

Fivecast and Bluestone Analytics are partnering to address this challenge and deliver a combined solution that helps customers discover, assess and analyze dark web data across a rapidly growing and evolving threat landscape. The access to dark web forums, marketplaces and databases provided by Bluestone Analytics combined with the AI-enabled risk analytics and investigation capabilities of Fivecast delivers a powerful solution to quickly identify high-risk data, speed investigations and progress law enforcement initiatives.

Fivecast customers are able to query dark web data provided by Bluestone Analytics based on customized search terms and compare it to deep web data to deliver actionable insights for complex investigations that span use cases including counter-terrorism, drug and human trafficking, fraud detection and privacy threats. AI-enabled risk and network analysis of dark web data supports increased analyst productivity for customers and delivers critical insights into the dark web that enable faster decision-making.

Trusted by premier security partners, both Fivecast and Bluestone Analytics focus on robust protection measures to ensure unmatched safety for customers. Bluestone Analytics’ collection methodology leverages an in-house technical collections team and prioritizes customer interests and data integrity. Fivecast takes a security-first approach to application design to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data and systems.

“This is a partnership that we are thrilled to be a part of. Overall, we are seeing a growing need for cross-domain intelligence, particularly as adoption of Dark Web technologies increases. Our unique data sets augment information that Fivecast currently has and helps provide a holistic threat picture to security-focused customers. Together, we are able to uncover new threats and deliver better insights, ultimately creating a safer society,” says Bluestone Analytics CEO Liam Bowers.

“The growing proliferation and constantly changing nature of the dark web translates into unique and important challenges for our customers. The Fivecast partnership with Bluestone Analytics is key to our mission of enabling a safer world by delivering deep insights and AI-enabled analytics across increasingly diverse data sources to help our customers achieve their important digital intelligence objectives and protect global communities,” says Dr. Brenton Cooper, CEO of Fivecast.