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What is Fivecast MiSSION data?

Building on our market-leading OSINT capabilities in targeted data collection and AI-enabled risk analytics, Fivecast Mission Data meets the need for rapid access to rich data sets which provide timely strategic insights into existing, new, and emerging threats.

Data sets are curated by Fivecast Tradecraft professionals and can be customized to cover key threat groups, defined risks, issues, or ideologies, enabling fast discovery of operationally relevant data and avoiding the need for onerous online manual searches.

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Key Features:
  • Persistent collection of data across the deep and dark web
  • Curation of data across both thematic and associative lines
  • AI-enabled risk analytics and advanced searching applied to data sets
Key Benefits:
  • Efficient means of accessing huge volumes of reliable, relevant and current data
  • Quickly identify relevant POIs, groups and networks
  • Understand patterns, behaviours, narratives and topics relevant to investigations
why leverage curated data?

As the threat landscape expands along with the proliferation of online platforms, intelligence missions – both strategic and tactical – must leverage publicly available data to protect communities.

Fivecast Mission Data helps to free up your intelligence resources to focus on applying rich insights from masses of data to immediate tactical or more strategic and long-term threats. You can leverage the deep industry expertise of Tradecraft specialists who perform collection, labeling and cataloging of threat networks.

Key use cases:
  • Extremist movement threat monitoring
  • Bulk security vetting
  • Visa assessments,
  • Insider threat detection
  • Organized crime,
  • Due diligence, and KYC

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