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Why Fusion?

For a single investigation, intelligence teams are often required to access, filter and analyze large amounts of diverse data types, often contained within discrete silos.

This results in the need to engage in inefficient, labor-intensive tasks or make large investments in expensive, specialist analysis tools to sustain operational outcomes.

Fivecast ONYX Fusion delivers a simple and cost-effective means of combining huge volumes of disparate data into a single solution for holistic intelligence analysis with flexible infrastructure deployment options.

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Key Features
  • Configurable fusion of disparate data sources
  • AI & Machine Learning enabled risk analytics
  • Flexible infrastructure deployment across public, private & hybrid cloud
Key benefits
  • Single pane of glass intelligence view
  • Identify entities, relationships & risks across data sets
  • Assured security & compliance for broad, complex investigations
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Fivecast ONYX Fusion

Fivecast ONYX Fusion enables intelligence teams to leverage the advanced intelligence capabilities existing in Fivecast ONYX to compare and correlate disparate data sources rapidly.

This fusion of intelligence data across multiple classified and unclassified sources provides a more complete and holistic intelligence picture.

The Fivecast ONYX Fusion solution can be deployed to private / government cloud (on-premises), or public cloud infrastructure, in isolation or in a hybrid configuration. This enables organizations to manage security posture by choosing the deployment model that suits their compliance requirements.