Fivecast ONYX provides law enforcement, defense, national security agencies, corporate security and financial intelligence organizations with the ability to explore unprecedented amounts of digital data from open-source platforms to progress intelligence missions.

With its unique capability to monitor image, text and video – identifying key terms, phrases, quotes and objects – Fivecast ONYX can build links between networks, groups and similar entities providing a powerful tool to discover, access and analyze masses of data for a wide range of use cases.

Countering violent extremism state

Every day, humans create a digital footprint that consists of trillions of megabytes of data. Within this mass of information are tiny fragments left by extremists as they seek to promote their ideals and connect others to the cause. For national security and intelligence agencies, this offers a powerful opportunity to anticipate and intercept potential issues before they transform into major incidents. 

Fivecast ONYX enables those tasked with keeping our communities safe to analyze the masses of image, text and video data to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ and create meaningful connections, uncover networks and make actionable detections of threats.   

Fivecast ONYX replaces manual monitoring and risk detection of bulk data, making it a significantly more efficient method of examining digital data. What would take analysts days, can now be achieved in just a few hours.

Organised crime state

The digital age has facilitated the spread of criminal activity by creating an environment where information can be effortlessly shared with the touch of a button, and where tools are more readily available to aid lawbreakers’ activities. 

This vast data footprint created by organised crime networks provides law enforcement authorities with an opportunity to extract crucial insights that are central to investigations.

Fivecast ONYX allows for ongoing, automated monitoring of organised crime groups, their members and associates. It can be tailored to monitor against a range of themes – drugs, weapons, violence or intimidation – identifying new linkages, highlighting threats and alerting potential flashpoints before they occur. 

Fivecast ONYX can distill large networks to reveal specific lead information, such as drug courier or human trafficking routes. By automating time-consuming manual risk detection tasks, the platform frees up resources to do what they do best – disrupt organised crime.

Public safety state

A growing number of violent and disruptive incidents at major events has highlighted the significant risks that exist when large numbers of people gather in one place.  

Community safety is paramount, and with the potential for activity or extremist activity to come from anywhere, having the ability to detect potential threats and protect the public is crucial. 

Fivecast ONYX enables automated monitoring of large sets of data to identify a wide range of threats, such as group violence, protest activity or lone actor activity. 

The platform broadens the reach of law enforcement, intelligence and event management teams, ensuring cost efficient, automated risk detection requiring a smaller investment of human capital.

Security vetting and insider threats state

Fivecast works closely with a range of customers conducting complex security vetting assessments and investigations to identify risks such as insider threats. Fivecast ONYX is the perfect tool to focus on individual cases to expose unknown linkages, undeclared interests and detect a range of other concerning behaviour.

Fraud Detection state

The nature and complexity of fraud means it can often be very difficult to detect – even for specialists who are trained to look for it.

Fivecast ONYX, with its ability to scan huge volumes of data from multiple sources, is a powerful tool in the fight against fraudulent activity

Fivecast ONYX can find hard to detect patterns in data and make connections that are otherwise invisible. In essence, Fivecast ONYX has the ability to find the ‘needle in the haystack’.

AML and CFT state

Intelligence teams performing due diligence and KYC investigations can leverage Fivecast ONYX to strengthen risk management frameworks in both the initial onboarding and continuous evaluation phases to avoid non-compliance, substantial fines, or reputational damage.

Brand and IP protection state

An organization’s brand and the perception of that organization to the public, is a vital aspect to any business and must be carefully managed and protected. With the myriad of social media and online forums proliferating across the internet, identifying online conversations that could impact your brand is a growing task continually evolving through the changing landscape of modern media.