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The Economic Value of OSINT 

The benefits of OSINT tools are increasingly being realized for a range of intelligence analysis use cases across both Government and Commercial sectors.  What is not as well understood is the return on investment of OSINT solutions and how that can be measured.  

Faced with increasing volumes of complex data and constantly evolving online platforms, intelligence teams require the economies of scale and automation that OSINT delivers. The economic value from OSINT tools and their payback period are important considerations for anyone building a business case for OSINT investment. 

Download our Achieving ROI with OSINT case study

We recently explored the economic value of OSINT with our partner and customer, Prevail Partners, by examining their return on investment from Fivecast open-source intelligence tools. Like many intelligence teams, they were already experiencing the benefits of OSINT but needed to automate huge volumes of parallel data collection tasks and analyze masses of multi-media data to uncover insights. Read the case study to discover the analyst efficiencies and payback period they were able to achieve with Fivecast.  

OSINT capabilities including automated account discovery, persistent and targeted data collection, customizable risk detection, advanced AI and Machine learning and built-in anonymity and obfuscation are driving both successful intelligence analysis outcomes and positive return on investment.