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Intelligence professionals need to use all resources available to progress their missions including Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, an important part of OSINT, ‘Social Media Intelligence’ (SOCMINT), and Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Against a background of increased investigation complexity and rapidly changing threat environments, it is increasingly important to leverage OSINT, SOCMINT, and HUMINT holistically.

Fivecast recently released an industry brief in which examines the intersection of the more traditional intelligence strategy of HUMINT with the contemporary intelligence strategies of OSINT, and more specifically SOCMINT, and explores the potential they have to complement each other across the intelligence lifecycle.

As our lives play out increasingly online, an effective and automated OSINT solution with a strong SOCMINT capability is important for HUMINT teams as they attempt to verify and validate their agents and manage the risk associated with their operations.

HUMINT, will always be an essential aspect of many intelligence investigations. In this age of advanced technologies, tech-savvy threat actors and the rapid spread of online communications, there is a clear opportunity to leverage HUMINT as part of a broad ecosystem of intelligence technologies, including Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and SOCMINT.

OSINT in isolation may not provide the full picture but is a rich vein to tap and – in addition to other sources of information – greatly helps teams undertake their work with confidence and safety.

Request the Industry Brief to learn more and I invite you to register for our Fivecast Intel Hub which contains OSINT educational content and OSINT tools to help intelligence professionals like you optimize intelligence investigations.