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Matt is the Director of Tradecraft at Fivecast, working with customers to understand risk across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and drive adoption of open-source intelligence & data collection best practices. With 20+ years of experience in Australian Government National Security and Law Enforcement, Matt brings a deep understanding of how Fivecast’s solutions can be practically applied.

The growing proliferation and constantly changing nature of the Dark Web translates into unique and important challenges for law enforcement, national security, and intelligence organizations. The task of monitoring the Dark Web and uncovering critical insights is beyond human scale and AI-enabled data collection and risk analysis is now considered essential.

In response to this ongoing challenge, I recently joined forces with Liam Bowers, CEO, and Co-Founder of Bluestone Analytics to deliver a webinar that helps intelligence professionals understand the unique characteristics and risks of the Dark Web and learn how to monitor and uncover actionable insights from masses of complex Dark Web data.

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Fivecast and Bluestone Analytics deliver a combined solution that helps customers discover, assess, and analyze Dark Web data and gain actionable insights. In this webinar, Liam and I dive into an analysis of the Dark Web and share expertise and insights essential for any intelligence organization, including:

  • Characteristics of the Dark Web, its relevancy, and the importance of data correlation across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web
  • The technical and analytical challenges faced by agencies trying to get insight into the Dark Web and how these can be overcome
  • Best practices for monitoring and filtering the sea of Dark Web data to uncover insights critical to your investigations

As law enforcement, defense, and national security organizations strive to navigate the constantly changing threat landscape, the Dark Web will continue to be an important part of any open-source intelligence tool kit. I hope this webinar helps you understand how to leverage the intelligence tools available to address the Dark Web challenge and gain actionable insights to progress your investigations.