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SEE why OSINT IS emerging as an invaluable primary intelligence source across a range of use cases

Request our white paper The Evolving Role of Open-Source Intelligence to learn about advancements in open-source intelligence software, driven by AI and deep learning.

The threat landscape environment has changed significantly over recent years as a result of tech-savvy threat actors, increased social unrest, and changing geopolitical dynamics.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is emerging as an indispensable primary intelligence source across a broad range of use cases, from countering terrorism to fighting crime and cybercrime.

Today’s complex global environment has made OSINT tools increasingly important for sectors such as law enforcement, defense, intelligence agencies, national security organizations, and corporations.

Fivecast’s OSINT Framework covers the three biggest challenges of intelligence investigations:

  • The volume, velocity, and variety of data
  • The evolving threat landscape
  • A changing digital world

Request the Evolving Role of Open-Source Intelligence white paper


“Fivecast ONYX does the heavy lifting & enables analysts with unparalleled access to information & crucially, the ability to ask
specific questions of the data available. ”

“Fivecast ONYX is the only solution to meet mission-critical requirements for incorporating & organizing publicly available content from major online sources in near real-time.”

“Identifying patterns, red flags and anomalies used to take analysts countless hours sifting through swathes of data. Fivecast ONYX automates and streamlines this process. ”

“We are wildly successful using Fivecast ONYX. We save an incredible amount of time over manual investigation & our work output & reports are better, improving our success rate”