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OSINT FOR visa investigations:

identify fraud, trafficking & national security riskS

In this webinar, Fivecast is joined by our partner, Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) to conduct a deep dive into the challenges and solutions facing both the public and private sector as they strive to reduce risk related to golden passports, offshore visa scams and compliance with sanctions.

Using real-life examples, we will cover how publicly available data and open-source intelligence can be used to identify fraud, trafficking & national security risk in the visa process with technology to help:

  • Identify sanctioned individuals, their assets and indicators of risk
  • Uncover important connections and content across PAI data sources
  • Streamline and reduce risk across security vetting processes

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain important insights into how AI-enabled OSINT technology can help you reduce risk for communities and business while meeting regulatory requirements. Register your interest to receive the on-demand webinar or email us at



Fatma walli
government analyst at trss
Rasheed Hamdan
Senior tradecraft advisor at fivecast