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Our products cover the end-to-end intelligence lifecycle, combining targeted and deep open-source data collection with intuitive AI enabled risk analytics to hyper enable your analyst team.

Fivecast delivers unmatched access to open-source data combined with a customizable, AI-powered risk assessment framework that automates complex intelligence analysis. We’ve built on this OSINT technology foundation to expand our product portfolio to include curated data and bulk vetting.

Fivecast: providing global intelligence solutions

Fivecast ONYX


Delivering targeted data collection and AI-enabled risk analytics, Fivecast ONYX is the analyst force multiplier you need to quickly uncover essential intelligence insights.

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Fivecast Mission Data


Providing strategic insights into existing, new, and emerging threats, Fivecast LUNEX delivers rich datasets curated by our intelligence trained Tradecraft professionals

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Fivecast ONYX Vetting


Helping government agencies and organizations address the challenges inherent in huge volumes of assessments for a range of mission critical use cases.

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