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open-source intelligence Platform

Covering the end-to-end intelligence process, Fivecast ONYX is a completely scalable solution, with the power to seamlessly and rapidly increase vision of your targets, without needing more skilled staff to carry the load. 

Targeted, automated and obfuscated collection of data in real-time across a broad range of online platforms is combined with a customizable and AI-enabled risk assessment framework that automates complex intelligence analysis.

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Open-source Intelligence

The combination of targeted and deep open-source data collection with intuitive AI-enabled risk analytics hyper-enables any analyst team.

Additionally, Fivecast ONYX extends the scope of investigation analysis beyond open-source intelligence data, enabling the fusion and analysis of data from disparate sources in a single view to develop a rich, multi-source intelligence picture.

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Fivecast ONYX covers the end-to-end intelligence process



Fivecast ONYX’s proprietary data collection technology enables analysts to perform discovery across the broadest range of Surface, Deep and Dark web data to resolve identities and their account handles automatically.


Fivecast ONYX delivers unmatched access to multi-media data across a diverse range of platforms, providing persistent and targeted collection of timely data customizable to specific intel requirements.


Fivecast ONYX provides a consistent, repeatable and customizable risk assessment framework driven by AI and machine learning to quickly uncover threats hidden in vast amounts of unstructured multi-media data.