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Open-Source Intelligence

Delivering more than monitoring, Fivecast solutions explore unprecedented amounts of digital data and deliver deep, actionable insights
Targeted Data Collection Targeted Data Collection
Broad platform coverage across the Surface, Deep & Dark Web
AI-Enabled Risk Analytics AI-Enabled Risk Analytics
Powerful risk detection across text, images and video
Network Analysis Network Analysis
Understand networks, connections, groups and behaviors
Sentiment and  Emotion Sentiment and Emotion
Detect trends, patterns and indicators of potential risk

The Power of AI & Machine Learning

Fivecast delivers intuitive AI and Machine Learning capabilities that enhance the decision making of skilled analysts
Risk Detection Framework Risk Detection Framework
Intuitive, configurable & user trainable AI models
Multi-Lingual  Text Detection Multi-Lingual Text Detection
Detect risky keywords, phrases & quotes in 200+ languages
Object & Concept  Detection Object & Concept Detection
Detect relevant content in images & videos
Image & Logo Detection Image & Logo Detection
Customize risk detectors to zero in fast on relevant data


Growth in the volume, variety and velocity of online data is beyond human scale. Intelligence teams across both the government and commercial sector must leverage advanced OSINT capabilities in the form of targeted data collection across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web and AI-enabled risk analytics in addition to their own analytical expertise and tradecraft to progress intelligence missions.



"Fivecast ONYX supports the collection of PAI, quickly organizing the content to facilitate analysis and the surfacing of risks and threats to enhance tactical capabilities. "

"Identifying patterns, red flags and anomalies used to take analysts countless hours sifting through swathes of data. Fivecast ONYX automates and streamlines this process. "

"We are wildly successful using Fivecast ONYX. We save an incredible amount of time over manual investigation & our work output & reports are better, improving our success rate"

"Fivecast ONYX is the only solution to meet mission-critical requirements for incorporating & organizing publicly available content from major online sources in near real-time."


Intelligence Heritage

The Fivecast OSINT technology which is now helping customers globally was born out of a unique collaboration between government agencies and world-leading research institutions to address big data challenges facing national security and law enforcement.

Unmatched Data Access

Fivecast delivers unmatched access to multi-media data across a diverse range of platforms on the Surface, Deep and Dark Web, enabling analysts to securely undertake persistent, targeted collection of near real-time data customizable to their specific requirements.

Advanced AI & machine learning

Fivecast delivers a consistent, repeatable and customizable risk assessment framework driven by advanced AI and ML that enhances, rather than replaces, the decision-making of skilled analysts to uncover threats hidden in vast amounts of multi-media data quickly.