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Fast Movers SA 2022

Fivecast has been awarded #1 award for Fast Movers SA 2022 and the highest employment growth award at the BDO Australia Fast Movers SA event. The Fast Movers program is a celebration of businesses that have achieved extraordinary revenue growth and innovation. Fivecast achieved a 250% average growth in revenue for 2022 with 147% average employment growth between 2019 and 2022.

CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Brenton Cooper commented on the award “Our mission at Fivecast is to enable a safer world. This award is a testament to the power that digital intelligence technology brings to our customers across missions ranging from countering terrorism, monitoring extremism, understanding online influence, and fighting financial crime. Thank-you to our customers and partners that have joined us on the journey so far. With their support, Fivecast has developed a robust and sustainable business and achieved high levels of revenue growth.”

Delivering Open-Source Intelligence Solutions to Organisations Globally

Fivecast ONYX delivers AI-powered open-source intelligence that enables our customers across law enforcement, national security, defense and corporate security to collect, filter, and analyze masses of data from the surface, deep and dark web to uncover insights for use cases ranging from counter-terrorism to human trafficking, fraud detection, transnational crime and more.

Tim Sandow, Tax Partner at BDO Australia & CEO & Co-Founder Dr Brenton Cooper, Fivecast

Tim Sandow, Tax Partner at BDO Australia & CEO & Co-Founder Dr Brenton Cooper, Fivecast