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In this blog, Fivecast Co-Founder & VP Customer Success, Duane Rivett delves into the importance of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in due diligence, fraud, and anti-money laundering investigations across both corporate and government organizations.

Forward-thinking organizations and intelligence professionals understand the power of new technologies to enhance due diligence processes and decrease risk. In this webinar hosted by our UK-based partners, Prevail Partners & Intelligent Sanctuary, we showcase real-life examples of how OSINT technology can be deployed to filter masses of open-source data and detect content relevant to investigations across images, text, and video.

This webinar showcases how Fivecast ONYX delivers superior data access across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and monitors and interprets a range of multi-media data. We demonstrate how AI-enabled analytics can uncover important networks and interactions, detect sentiment and emotion, and track locations. All of these insights are invaluable to due diligence, fraud, and anti-money laundering investigations.

We also delve into how advanced intelligence analysis tools like multi-lingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can exponentially speed up the data analysis and risk detection phase of due diligence and fraud investigations.

“The OCR collection in Fivecast ONYX is probably the single biggest game changer for us. It means we can quickly narrow down the searches to focus on important information.”

Daryn Liddle – Intelligence Director, Prevail Partners 

In the webinar, some of the key themes Daryn and I explore include:

The role of OSINT in Due Diligence and Fraud investigations

In the context of due diligence and fraud investigations, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) can be viewed as how we find and analyze the information needed to conduct investigations or make risk-based decisions. It is a sub-type of intelligence, such as imagery intelligence, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), or Human Intelligence (HUMINT), that relies on publicly available information to be collected and analyzed to create assessments on a particular topic.

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Using OSINT to sift through the ‘Noise’

The reality is that there is more information available to us now than ever before, which means that finding the right information, verifying it, seeing the signals in that ‘noise’, and making assessments from them is more challenging than it’s ever been. The ability to do this well, in my opinion, relies on experience, human intuition, and the right application of technology.

The volume, speed, and complexity of online data makes it difficult for Analysts to filter and identify the most relevant and risky data sets. Intelligence efforts are further hampered by a constantly evolving range of online platforms used by targets and shifts in their online behavior. New platforms are constantly emerging and others are decreasing in popularity. Intelligence teams need to keep pace with this online evolution.

Fivecast ONYX deploys a unique risk detection framework, advanced network analysis, and sentiment and emotion detection, delivering an unmatched ability to predict and detect threats across complex digital landscapes. The field of OSINT is evolving all the time and, as demonstrated in the webinar, AI and machine learning innovations are making OSINT technology increasingly powerful, particularly for any corporate or government intelligence team conducting due diligence, fraud, and money-laundering investigations.

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