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See OSINT in-Action at DataExpert’s Digital Experience Netherlands

Fivecast is set to showcase state-of-the-art OSINT capabilities at DataExpert’s annual Digital Experience. The event, scheduled for October 11th, remains a key focal point for the counter-crime, counter-fraud, and counter-cybercrime sectors in the BeNeLux, Nordics, and Caribbean regions.

Amidst a backdrop of rapidly evolving cyber threats and challenges, Fivecast is positioning itself at the forefront, offering transformative solutions in the realm of open-source intelligence. Fivecast ONYX aids investigators in delving deep into criminal networks and tracking extreme-right-wing activities with unmatched precision and speed.

DataExpert’s Digital Experience promises to be a hub of innovation, featuring discussions on diverse topics such as OSINT, Mobile Forensics, Cloud Forensics, Cyber Security, Analytics, and more. Fivecast’s inclusion in the event reaffirms its position as a major contributor to the industry’s progressive trajectory.

Fivecast empowers analysts and investigators with the tools and knowledge they need to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the crime and cybercrime sectors. Sharing and collaborating at events like the Digital Experience ensures that we, as an industry, are well-equipped to tackle emerging challenges head-on. We invite Law Enforcement attendees to our presentation on “SOCMINT: Investigating criminal networks and Extreme-Right Wing activity with Fivecast ONYX” to witness firsthand the transformative power of Fivecast’s OSINT solutions.