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As part of ongoing product development innovation designed to meet evolving intelligence requirements, Fivecast has released new capabilities for customers to rapidly access more data sources across the Surface, Deep and Dark web.

As the number of online communications platforms grows exponentially along with the social, geo-political and security threats facing communities and businesses, it is essential for intelligence teams to have access to a broad range of data sources to gain insights across the darkest places of the online world.

For more details on the expanded data source access, request our solution brief.


This expansion in breadth and depth of data access will help both Government customers across national security, law enforcement and defense as well as Corporate customers scour the far corners of the web to find that needle in a haystack that can progress intelligence missions.

Spanning both mainstream and niche platforms, this enhanced data access will help customers build a rich intelligence picture to address important societal challenges including counter-terrorism, money-laundering, violent extremism, foreign influence, fraud, organized crime and trafficking.

With the growing trend of threat actors transitioning away from mainstream platforms to niche platforms which provide anonymity and a convenient means of communicating and amplifying messages for nefarious purposes, intelligence teams must be able to quickly adapt their intelligence processes keep abreast of the threats.

These expanded data collection capabilities are complemented by an AI-enabled risk detection framework that enables Fivecast customers to rapidly filter masses of data to cut through the noise and identify risk indicators in posts, text, images, memes, videos and more.

To learn more, you can request a demo of the broad data collection and analysis capabilities of Fivecast.

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