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Hear from our CEO about the Key OSINT Trends in 2024 Read Now

A Fivecast Senior Tradecraft Advisor will be joining an expert panel of officials from the US Government at the Defense Strategies Institute – Insider Threat Symposium on October 20 at the National Harbor Marina in Maryland.

The panel will be sharing insights on emerging issues for military services toward evolving insider threat programs. Panelists will also discuss current patterns they are seeing or are anticipating and open up a dialogue with the audience towards developing possible tactics, techniques and procedures to integrate into their current insider threat programs: from more educational training on verifying information and sources to utilizing technical capabilities such as behavioral analytics, it will take a full spectrum approach. Read more about the event here.

Insider Threat Detection Case Study:

Many Government agencies and organizations are challenged by the volume and complexity of security vetting requirements. Online technologies and the overwhelming masses of data they produce can add significant complexity to the already difficult task of conducting ongoing, repeatable, and reliable security vetting and insider threat detection.

Fivecast has published a case study in which we use a real-life example of insider threat detection to show the power of advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) technologies for streamlining and optimizing security vetting practices.

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