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Fivecast has been listed in GRC Outlook’s Top 10 Digital Forensics Solutions Providers 2022.

Digital forensics faces new challenges every day. With the proliferation of cloud computing, the growth in the volume, variety and velocity of online data is beyond human scale.

As threats quickly evolve, digital forensics experts must be able to work in complex environments. The ability to analyze large volumes of data has made open-source intelligence (OSINT) an important aspect of the digital forensics landscape. With targeted data collection across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web, digital forensics teams can securely undertake persistent, targeted collection of real-time data customizable to their specific requirements.

Chosen by GRC Outlook’s panel of experts, Fivecast has been recognized for our consistent, repeatable and customizable risk assessment framework. Driven by advanced AI and ML, Fivecast’s solutions enhance the decision-making of skilled digital forensic analysts to uncover threats hidden in vast amounts of multi-media data quickly.


Fivecast ONYX delivers AI-powered open-source intelligence that enables our customers across law enforcement, national security, defense and corporate security to collect, filter and analyze masses of data to uncover insights for use cases ranging from counter terrorism to human trafficking, fraud detection, transnational crime and more. Fivecast ONYX is currently being used by public and private organizations around the world for important intelligence missions including Counter-Terrorism; POI Monitoring; Extremist Threats; Cross-border Crime; Gang violence, Trafficking, Fraud detection and Security Vetting.