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Hear from our CEO about the Key OSINT Trends in 2024 Read Now

Murky to most, the dark web is the epicentre of cyber attacks, identity fraud, and drug crime. In this article recently featured in The Australian, Fivecast CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Brenton Cooper discusses how Fivecast uses the power of Open-Source Intelligence to counteract criminal activities across hundreds of dark web forums. 

Meet the Australian cybersecurity firms who scour the dark web looking for stolen Aussie data. Picture: Keryn Stevens

The dark web is often characterised as a mythical place, an out of reach portion of the internet where only the most elite criminals frequent to trade stolen credentials, sell illegal weapons and share fraud tactics. But the reality is far more unremarkable than that.

Its reality is closer to the rudimentary structure of the early internet. Brenton Cooper, an entrepreneur from Adelaide, has been demystifying this enigmatic space for years.

His enterprise, Fivecast, streamlines access to dark web content, simplifying it for everyday users. Unlike the traditional, and somewhat convoluted, access method using the TOR browser, Fivecast offers a straightforward gateway. With an interface reminiscent of eBay or Facebook, Fivecast enables businesses to access curated data securely.

Cooper offers a comprehensive breakdown of the internet’s layers for the uninitiated: “The surface web… makes up about four per cent of total data on the internet,” while the deep web comprises content behind paywalls or logins. The mysterious dark web, though, utilizes encryption techniques to offer a more secure browsing environment.

Fivecast’s relevance has spiked recently due to the surge in cyberattacks. Companies, eager to ascertain the extent of data leaks, are flocking to Fivecast for answers. Cooper emphasizes the platform’s utility, stating that businesses can now probe the dark web’s depths without the technical hassles. Beyond corporate needs, law enforcement agencies also utilize Fivecast to monitor illegal trades and activities.

Operating as a cloud-hosted SaaS, Fivecast represents a pioneering endeavor in the digital space. Cooper acknowledges the evolving patterns of “threat actors” who are diversifying their online haunts, venturing into exclusive forums and secure messenger platforms like Signal and Telegram. As cyber threats loom larger, tools like Fivecast, which bridge the knowledge gap and provide invaluable insights into the obscure corners of the internet, are becoming indispensable.