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Fivecast is Exhibiting at MilCIS 2022 from November 15th to 17th

Fivecast will share OSINT best practices as a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2022 Military Communication and Information Systems conference (MilCIS) and expo at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, Australia.

Come and talk to our team and ask for a demonstration at our booth. Fivecast’s Director of Data Science, Dr. Jason Signolet, Ph. D. will be presenting the following session at MilCIS:

OSINT/SOCMINT for Understanding Mass Influence

Date: Thursday 17th November 2022
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Session: Session 3.7c

Jason will be covering:

  • Techniques for collecting and analyzing OSINT/SOCMINT data for understanding influence using case studies including the Ukraine conflict and the Solomon Islands.
  • The similarities and differences in the dissemination of truthful and misleading information and misinformation and disinformation.
  • The challenges inherent in analyzing masses of data and content across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web to monitor online conversations and identify risk.
  • The application of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for helping analysts model influence.

Join Jason’s presentation at MilCIS 2022 to understand the trends in online dissemination of influence operations and the technology innovations that are being deployed globally to identify online attempts to influence public opinion. Read more about Jason’s presentation here.

About MiLCIS

The annual Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) Conference welcomes military and government organizations, academia, and defense industries to contribute to the future direction of military communications and information systems.

MilCIS is the only Australian conference that focuses strategically on the crucial technologies, products, systems, and services associated with military communications and information systems.