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Fivecast and i2: A Partnership Elevating the i2 Europe User Conference Experience

From the 26th to the 28th of September, London will host the i2 Europe User Conference. Esteemed attendees from all corners of the globe are expected to gather with industry leaders from the intelligence sector.

The presence of Fivecast at this year’s conference includes a sponsorship and a presentation at the event. The synergy between Fivecast and i2 has recently been highlighted in our new partnership. The conference will showcase the partnership, born from intensive collaboration and mutual expertise. Both entities have brought their best to the table: Fivecast’s deep knowledge in open-source data analytics and i2’s unmatched visualization and analysis tools. The result is an integration that promises unparalleled capabilities.

Fivecast ONYX and i2 Analysis Studio

Spearheaded by dedicated development teams from both sides, and enriched by insights from field-seasoned analysts, a robust integrated connection has been crafted between Fivecast ONYX and i2 Analysis Studio. This integration amplifies Fivecast ONYX’s interoperability, enabling a seamless transfer of exhaustive open-source data into i2’s sophisticated suite of visualization and analytical tools. In essence, clients can now enjoy an unmatched fusion of Surface, Deep, and Dark Web information with their existing intelligence products, bridging the gap between public information and proprietary intelligence.

Presentation: connecting OSINT and Classified Data

A highlight of the conference will be on Wednesday, 28th September, between 15:45 and 16:45, when a Fivecast Tradecraft Advisor takes the stage to discuss “Right Wing Extremism – Connecting OSINT and Classified Data“. Beyond offering insights on the subject, the presentation will also be a testament to the power of the Fivecast and i2 partnership, exemplifying how combined intelligence can provide a comprehensive and unparalleled analysis.

The i2 Europe User Conference promises to be a watershed moment for intelligence and security professionals. With Fivecast’s in-depth presentation on right-wing extremism and the showcasing of the combined might of their partnership with i2, attendees are set to witness the future of data analytics for security intelligence. As London beckons, the Fivecast and i2 alliance is geared to leave an indelible mark on the industry.