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In this blog, we unveil the benefits of an all-source approach to intelligence with the new partnership and integration between i2 and Fivecast which unlocks the power of data fusion across classified and open-source data.

All-Source Intelligence

Users of i2’s powerful suite of analytical tools, including Analyst’s Notebook, Analysis Studio, and Analysis Hub recognize the immense power and actionable insights derived from layering disparate data sources onto a single chart for analysis. Users of Fivecast’s premium Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions understand the incredible ability of publicly available data to support and augment full-spectrum analytical tasks designed to safeguard communities and defeat malign actors, their networks, and their whereabouts. Patterns of life, problematic connections, and ties to sanctioned entities can all be revealed with the sophisticated suite of tools available with Fivecast.

Differing file formats, isolated programs, and siloed platforms represent a significant challenge to All Source analysts. These compatibility issues can hinder the ingestion, analysis, and dissemination of critical intelligence, and lengthen the time needed to go from data to decisions.

Breaking Down Intelligence Silos with data fusion

While the fusion of data sources is a common technique meant to strengthen conclusions and reduce reliance on sole-source information, analytical teams often leverage multiple platforms, conducting isolated steps in each system and porting over data from one platform to another to see the full picture. Compatibility issues, a lack of uniform data outputs, and ad hoc migrations to classified systems can delay or frustrate efforts to bring a coherent picture into focus and degrade the timeliness of intelligence by slowing delivery. Fivecast and i2 recognized this and have taken proactive steps to reduce this delay and are excited to introduce a new mechanism to fuse the OSINT capabilities of Fivecast ONYX with i2’s Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub.


Request the joint Fivecast and i2 solution brief to gain insights into the value of data fusion:

request the solution brief

After extensive collaboration between our respective development teams, along with insights from experienced analysts with proven track records in the field, an integrated connection has been forged between Fivecast ONYX and i2 Analysis Studio, strengthening Fivecast ONYX’s interoperability and allowing for the seamless porting of comprehensive open-source data onto i2’s powerful suite of visualization and analysis tools. This powerful collaboration provides clients with unparalleled fusion capabilities on these platforms, merging Surface, Deep, and Dark Web information with existing client intelligence products.