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Open-source intelligence is proving to be an invaluable component for National Security teams tasked with understanding the evolving geo-political landscape that is increasingly being played out across censored online environments. Many of our customers and partners are familiar with the challenge of identifying threats laced through masses of data across the surface, deep and dark webs that are growing at an uncanny pace. These challenges are exacerbated in countries which restrict access to online communications for citizens and are of particular interest to Five Eyes National Security agencies.

OSINT across the Deep & Dark Web

These censored online environments require creative and advanced tradecraft which can be well served with OSINT tools and techniques applied across the Deep and Dark Web. Recently, our Tradecraft team partnered with Bluestone Analytics to explore the nature and importance of censored online environments, the challenges inherent in conducting investigations, and OSINT best practices for progressing intelligence missions across this complex online web.

Read our White Paper: The Importance of the Deep & Dark Web in Censored Environments: 



OSINT Data Access

Access to data across the surface, deep and dark web is key to understanding these censored online environments and uncovering the insights required.  Fivecast and Bluestone Analytics help customers untangle this web with the combined power of access to hundreds of Dark Web communities and over 5 billion records of data with targeted and AI-enabled data collection delivered by Fivecast ONYX. This combined data access provides a full and rich picture of the virtual intelligence landscape, especially in censored environments when communications are concealed, dynamic, or perishable.

Making Sense of the Data

Unparalleled data access must be combined with the ability to quickly and efficiently uncover risky data from all the noise and this is where the Fivecast ONYX risk detection framework powered by AI and Machine Learning comes into play.  By continuously analyzing trends over time and detecting changes to network, media, and text-based content, critical insights can be revealed, regardless of source.  The power of targeted data access and collection, even across censored online environments, combined with intuitive, AI-enabled risk analytics acts as a force multiplier for National Security intelligence teams, cutting out manual processes and helping find threat needles in digital haystacks more accurately and rapidly.

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