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Hear from our CEO about the Key OSINT Trends in 2024 Read Now

Everyone is talking about using AI for OSINT, but what are the ethical considerations before you fire up your first chat? On Authentic8’s recent podcast, Fivecast Senior Data Scientist Dr. Trent Lewis discusses a few things to consider:

  • ChatGPT has built-in biases (just like humans)
  • Understand the human toll behind machine learning
  • How to use AI responsibly

About Trent Lewis

Trent is part of the Fivecast Data Science team and leads efforts in natural language processing of OSINT data and the evaluation of the Fivecast Risk Detectors.  Prior to joining Fivecast in 2021, Trent was an academic at Flinders University (2005-2021) teaching and researching in databases, programming and machine learning.  With a background in cognitive science, Trent has a PhD in Audio-Visual Speech Processing that explored the use of multi-modal data sources to improve the classification of speech.