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On Tuesday, March 12, the Australian Data Science Network (ADSN) is hosting a remarkable event celebrating International Women’s Day and Women in Data Science (WiDS). This event promises to be an inspiring gathering, where more than two-dozen women in the field of Data Science from across Australia will take the virtual stage. Among these accomplished women, Dr. Sarah James, a distinguished Data Scientist at Fivecast, will be a featured speaker.

Dr. James is a practitioner and a thought leader in Data Science, and plays an integral part in the integration of AI within Fivecast’s Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions. Her expertise and contributions have positioned her as a rising star in the field.

You can read some of Sarah’s work on the need for responsible and trustworthy AI in the field of Open-Source Intelligence below:


During her 10-minute presentation, Dr. James will delve into her journey, sharing insights into why she chose Data Science and the impactful work she is currently engaged in. As a trailblazer, she will also address the critical issue of gender equity in STEM, drawing from her experiences and advocating for greater inclusivity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Dr. Sarah James and other remarkable women who are shaping the future of Data Science. Register for the event below: