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Fivecast MATRIX combines the power of broad and deep open-source data collection with AI-enabled risk analytics in an intuitive solution that provides a framework for conducting large-scale assessments with the speed and insights needed to protect global communities.


Many organizations and government agencies are struggling with the challenges of increased threats from geo-political tensions, societal unrest and extremism combined with exponential growth of online data.

Fivecast is helping customers address these challenges with the launch of Fivecast MATRIX, an AI-enabled intelligence solution which can streamline and operationalize online risk assessments.


Fivecast MATRIX automates risk assessment processes, drives efficiencies amongst analyst teams and delivers insights faster, to help protect communities and organizations. The solution is suited for a range of use cases across the national security, defense intelligence, law enforcement, financial and corporate sectors, including insider threat detection, security clearance processing, border security, due diligence, supply chain risk management and more.

Fivecast MATRIX provides automated, integrated, and timely risk assessment of publicly available information within a highly scalable solution to meet the need for high volume throughput of assessments. Intuitive AI-driven risk analytics enable analysts to evaluate and process thousands of security vetting applications per day combined while also supporting continuous evaluation for ongoing risk assessment.

Dr. Brenton Cooper, CEO & Co-founder of Fivecast commented:

“The internet is almost infinite and government agencies and organisations shouldn’t have to sift through it alone. Whether it’s on Australian shores or across Five Eyes nations, our customers are now seeing the very tangible benefits of open-source intelligence. It provides a force multiplier with AI-enabled analytics aiding the fight against homegrown and offshore threats, hiding away in the weeds of the surface, deep, and dark webs.”

“At the end of the day, civilians expect authorities to take all reasonable precautions to ensure safety in their communities, places they visit or events they go to, and our work with defence and government intelligence from across the globe is helping them achieve this quickly, and at scale.”


The technology behind Fivecast MATRIX was developed with almost US$9M of funding from the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), to develop an automated security vetting solution capable of collecting and processing thousands of digital footprints and risk assessments per day, as well as performing continuous monitoring of those applications. Under this project, Fivecast developed and successfully delivered a prototype which is the foundation for Fivecast MATRIX and is also in use with other Five Eyes National Governments for assessment use cases.

Fivecast MATRIX is an addition to the Fivecast product portfolio, building on our foundational and market-leading OSINT investigations solution, Fivecast ONYX, which is used globally in the defense, national security, intelligence community, as well as the corporate sector to speed investigations by uncovering insights across masses of online multi-media data.

The release of Fivecast MATRIX comes on the back of the recently completed successful AUD$30M Series A funding round for Fivecast which will be used to fuel further product innovations and company growth.