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Fivecast Proudly Sponsors ISS World Europe 2023 Conference: Enhancing Security through Advanced Intelligence

ISS World Europe 2023 Conference is set to bring together industry leaders, experts, and practitioners in intelligence and security. With a focus on the latest advancements and challenges in the industry, the conference aims to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation.

As a sponsor, Fivecast will have an active presence throughout the conference, offering valuable contributions that showcase their expertise and innovative solutions. Fivecast will present two speeches at the event, where we will share case studies shedding light on the latest advancements in intelligence analysis and its role in modern security practices.

Furthermore, Fivecast will host an exhibition booth at the conference, where attendees can interact with our dedicated Tradecraft team, and request a tailored Fivecast ONYX demo. This immersive experience will allow participants to witness the power of Fivecast’s technology in action, highlighting how it can revolutionize intelligence collection and analysis. Make sure to join our team at Booth 105 to see Fivecast ONYX in action.

By sponsoring the ISS World Europe 2023 Conference, Fivecast aims to provide immense value to conference attendees. Professionals from various sectors, including intelligence, law enforcement, and security, will have the chance to engage with Fivecast’s experts and gain insights into the transformative capabilities of advanced intelligence technologies. This engagement will empower participants to better understand how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to proactively combat threats, protect communities, and maintain public safety.

Our Presentations

14:15-14:40 on June 6th – Session A
TikTok challenges: Adapting to new and evolving platforms

While communities and governments are justifiably concerned about threats related to censorship and espionage, this talk examines the variety of nefarious and criminal behavior playing out on TikTok, the challenges for law enforcement SOCMINT efforts and how these can be overcome.
Presented by our UK/EU Tradecraft Lead

11:00-11:40 on June 8th – Session B
OSINT For Counter Extremism in Europe

Ideologically motivated violent extremism is on the rise across Europe. The widespread adoption of social media has exacerbated the situation, as it has become a conduit for spreading and sharing extremist propaganda and false information. This presentation discusses the history of extremism over the past decade, and how the current threat is being mitigated through open-source intelligence.
Presented by a Fivecast Co-Founder & Tradecraft Advisor